Annual Report 2012

The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) has grown in stature and accomplishments since its inception in 2008. It remains the only network of its kind that focuses on issues related to forced migration in the Asia Pacific region.It is through the dedicated work of its members that APRRN today is regarded as one of the key stakeholders on refugee rights. APRRN has demonstrated that its advocacy is not merely restricted to policy interventions at regional and international levels but plays a pivotal role in expanding protection for refugees and forced migrants at local and national levels. APRRN’s diverse membership base enables APRRN to make a mark at various aspects of the refugee experience. APRRN is therefore able to formulate advocacy goals that are indeed holistic and rooted to the ground realities of those in need of protection.

This annual report gives you a snapshot of the activities of the network. However, it cannot and will not be able to capture the richness and depth of the implications of the work that APRRN members carry out on a day to day basis. This report is only but a testament to tremendous commitment of its members to better the lives of fellow humans, in working to build a world that’s both sharing and caring.

Please click here to download the report

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