Appendix: Short Course on Advocacy and Refugee Rights

The Short Course on Advocacy and Refugee Rights took place from 1-4 December 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. The overall aim of the course was to build a new generation of refugee rights activists and strengthen advocacy skills. The course this year aimed to strengthen participants’ capacity, expertise and knowledge in advocating for the rights of refugees in Asia.

The final report is available here

Appendix A- Introduction to Media Advocacy presented by Mike Hayes.

Appendix B- The Global Negotiation of Refugee Protection presented by Brian Barbour.

Appendix C- Examples of Advocacy presented by Evan Jones and Julia Mayerhofer.

Appendix D- Planning for Advocacy Worksheets worksheets

Appendix E- Getting to Yes presented by Brian Barbour.

Appendix F- Clever Campaigns presented by Leeanne Torpey

Appendix G- The Right Move presented by Rhoda Avila

Appendix H- World Day Against the Death Penalty presented by Lee Chee Yeng

Appendix I- Utilising Social Media and the Media presented by Leeanne Torpey

Appendix J- IDC Press Release (Sample)

Appendix K- Working with UNHCR presented by Brian Barbour

Appendix L- UNHCR Age, Gender and Diversity presented by Olivier Madjora

Appendix M- Monitoring and Evaluation presented by Milanga Abeysuriya

Appendix N- Creating Indicators Worksheet

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