Briefing Paper on Youth

A Global Refugee Youth Consultation was held from the 12-14 June 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, prior to the 2016 UNHCR Consultations with NGOs.

In preparation for the Global Refugee Youth Consultation, many youth consultations were held around the world, including dozens of youth consultations in the Asia Pacific region, with the support of many APRRN members.

Since many refugee and asylum seekers youth were unable to attend the Global Refugee Youth Consultations, APRRN wanted to ensure that their voices would be represented and their ideas heard. With this in mind, APRRN presented a briefing paper outlining the recommendations youth in the Asia Pacific region made to address the issues they discussed and solve the challenges they face.

Read the briefing paper here: Understanding the issues most important to refugee and asylum seeker youth in the Asia Pacific region

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